City of Rusk

Cherokee County, Texas

Public Works/Street Department

The city of Rusk’s Public Works Department makes sure the city’s water and sewer infrastructure—which includes the city’s water wells and delivery systems and wastewater treatment plant and disposal systems— continues to operate at peak efficiency.

The Public Works Department is also responsible for making sure the city’s water meets both state and federal drinking water requirements. See the city’s most recent Drinking Water Quality Report.


Cliff Anderson, Michael Beck, Eddie Gowin, Kelley Kelton, Robbie Parsons, Glenn Walker and Ched Willis

To report a water leak or for water service, call City Hall at 903-683-2213.

Rusk Public Works crew members work to repair a water main leak under a city road.

511 S. Dickinson St.— 903-683-2321

Public Works Director Thomas Thompson—Street Supervisor Neill Holcomb

The city of Rusk’s Street Department  monitors and maintains all city facilities, including its roads, parks, buildings, equipment, the public swimming pool, city rights-of-way, as well as serving the public in numerous other capacities.

The Street Department is also responsible for the city’s animal control services, organic waste disposal and routinely lends assistance to other city, county and state departments in both emergency and non-emergency situa-tions that occur within the city limits of Rusk.


Howard King, Greg McDuff, Arthur Lee Overstreet and Danny Willis

To report a malfunctioning street light, a stray animal or a city code violation, call City Hall at 903-683-2213.


Rusk Street crewmen replace a culvert under a city road.

Pursuant to City Ordinance 2011-02, tampering with a city water meter will result in the meter being locked and/or removed and a $200 charge to the account before service will be restored at that location. Once a meter has been locked and/or removed for tampering, a $30 reinstallation charge must be paid before a meter will be installed at that location.

Pursuant to Section 91, subchapters 16-19 of the Rusk City Ordinance, the owner of any dog kept within the city limits shall cause such dog to be vaccinated for rabies and registered by a licensed veterinarian, no less than once every 12 months. A metal tag shall be issued by the vet, and the owner of such dog shall cause the tag to be fastened to the collar of the dog and worn constantly by the dog. The owner of any dog or other common pet shall not permit such dog or pet to run at large within the city limits. Any dog or common pet found to be at large may be seized by any city police officer or other authorized city officer and impounded. After impoundment of any dog or common pet whose owner can be identified by the required license tag, notice shall be given to such owner concerning the impoundment of the dog or pet, and such owner may claim the animal within three to five days after the date of notification. If the owner does not claim any such dog or pet within the period, or if no claim is made for a dog or pet whose ownership is unknown, such dog or pet shall be disposed of by adoption or euthanasia.

Pursuant to Section 91, subchapter 23 of the Rusk City Ordinance, every owner of any dog or any other common household pet shall exercise proper care and control of such dog or pet to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance. (Sec. 91.27) Any officer of the City Police Department, or any other city officer or employee designated or authorized for this purpose, shall have the authority to enter upon private property for the purpose of enforcing this subchapter.